The Mission of Public Education

The Mission of Public Education:

Public education is the cornerstone of Democracy.  It must be founded on a commitment to educate all children well.  Public education must foster and support the intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual development of the child. The mission of public education is to develop a foundation of learning that enables students to function effectively in work, further learning and life the potential and gifts of each child citizens of a democratic society

Public education must be Free and accessible to every child delivered by certificated, highly skilled and knowledgeable teaching professionals appropriately funded to ensure that every child learns, every child succeeds a responsibility shared by all Albertans

A Vision for Public Education

Alberta’s teachers believe all students can succeed. Public education provides students from all backgrounds with learning experiences to discover and develop their potential, their passions and their gifts, allowing them to make significant contributions to their communities.

Public education allows professional, highly educated teachers to provide students with a broad range of learning experiences in addition to the basic subjects of language arts, science, math and social studies. Public education presents students with opportunities to develop ingenuity, creativity, critical-thinking skills and a strong sense of citizenship.

Public education prepares learners for life.