Local Political Engagement 

We Need You to Become Involved!

Here are some great ways for you to get involved!: 

· Read your monthly ATA News delivered straight to your work mailbox or staffroom table

· Join your ATA local council and be a representative for your school

· Plan a meeting with your MLA to have your voice be heard.

· Plan to attend our local’s Annual General Meeting in June (TBD)

Some exciting political engagement news!

“An imaginative and innovative project”

Fort McMurray Local No. 48 won a Local Political Engagement Award for its project “PreferEDFuture: Be Part of the Conversation.” The ATA local used the Twitter account @PreferEDFuture to engage educators, policymakers and stakeholders in candid conversations about public education. The local posed questions during teachers’ convention on its Twitter account, inviting people to join the conversation. It also retweeted favourite posts throughout the convention. One judge identified the project as “a good example of a solid attempt at member engagement.” Another described it as “an imaginative and innovative project.”