Diversity Equity Human Rights (DEHR)

Adelle Wardrope
Diversity Equity Human Rights Chair


Inspiration Into Action 

The Association’s work in the area of diversity, equity and human rights has four broad goals. The first goal is to foster the development of a safe and caring, inclusive school culture that provides students with a broad range of educational experiences that reflect the diversity of the community.

The second goal is to ensure that student learning is based on giving all students an equal opportunity to meet high standards, using a curriculum and assessment methods that reflect the socially constructed nature of knowledge, drawing on differences among people to enrich learning and engaging students as active citizens.

The third goal is to ensure that teacher learning encourages teachers to engage in reflective practice and research, helps them to accommodate diversity in the classroom and assists them in understanding how social class and power relationships affect sexism, racism and other forms of marginalization.

The fourth goal is to advocate for a form of educational governance and administration that provide adequate and equitable funding to schools, regards educational funding as an investment in the broader community, uses a broad range of accountability measures that reflect the complex nature of learning and supports research that sheds light on the complex relationships among poverty, racism and all forms of marginalization. These goals recognize the importance of adapting a multifaceted and research-based approach to promoting equity, human rights and respect for diversity for Alberta’s schools and teaching profession.

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