Alberta Teachers’ Association

Ft. McMurray Local #48

ATA Memorial Scholarship



The ATA Memorial Scholarship was established in remembrance of all teachers who have contributed to the education of the youth in Fort McMurray Schools. These scholarships are awarded annually to graduates of either Ft. McMurray Public or Separate high schools whose parents are current or former members of ATA Local #48. A student can receive only one scholarship in either of the first two years of their post-secondary education.


         Value:                        $1000 ($500 each semester)

            Number:                    3

            Tenable:                    Any post-secondary institution

            Deadline:                   September 1


            Eligibility:                   Applicant will be weighed on the following criteria:

·      Academic achievement (statement of marks)

·      Character (two letters) provided by student

·      Involvement in extra-curricular activities

·      Leadership roles within the school or community

·      Volunteer work in the community

·      Number of years parents have taught in Ft. McMurray Public/Separate schools

·      Enrollment in a post-secondary institution


The applicant must send the completed application form and two letters of reference to the President of ATA Local #48. The applicant must request a transcript of marks from the Department of Education and forward them to:


                                             Alberta Teachers’ Association

                                             Ft. McMurray Local #48

                                             P.O. Box 5116

                                             Ft. McMurray, AB

                                             T9H 3G2


Successful applicants must provide proof of enrollment at a post-secondary institution. This proof must be provided for each semester before that semester’s cheque will be issued.

Please fill out the application form HERE.