GETCA Key Notes:
1) "
All teachers have a legal as well as a professional obligation to attend the annual teachers’ convention to which they have been assigned as stated in the School Act. A charge of unprofessional conduct under Association discipline bylaws may be lodged against a teacher who fails to attend the teachers’ convention. School boards also have the right to deduct pay from teachers absent from a convention without authorization or reason and, in fact, have done so. Employers, school staff, Association subgroups and individual teachers shall not organize other school or district activities that conflict with annual teachers’ conventions. Any such other activities that are scheduled may be contrary to the School Act.”

2) Meet and visit with your local’s executive and school reps as we would love to meet you and hear what you have to say!  We will also have lots of useful information specifically for Fort McMurray teachers.   Just a reminder that each year, our local collects your hotel toiletries to donate to local organizations.  To encourage you to drop by at some point during the convention, we will have some free giveaways as well as a FORT MCMURRAY TEACHER ONLY draw for a great prize (yet to be determined)!  We will be located outside of the entrance to Hall A & B in the Shaw Centre.

3) GETCA lanyards will be required to attend each session (Lanyards will be distributed to school reps at our January council meeting).  If you lose or forget your lanyard please pick up a replacement for $10 at the GETCA information  centre (found at the bottom of the stairs/ escalator in the Shaw Conference Centre). ATA members will be asked for identification so please have your ATA card available.

The inside of your GETCA nametag contains a blank schedule. Please fill in the names and locations of the sessions you wish to attend. If you are unable to attend your first choice due to a full house, please plan for another available session. Keynote and featured speakers can also be found on the back of your nametag. Please promptly check for location/time changes or cancelled sessions.

There will be large posters of “Convention at a Glance” at each venue. Computers will be available to research sessions at located at the Shaw Convention Centre and Westin Information booths.

Take the time to enjoy all that convention has to offer! 

*Look for info on your lanyard for a GETCA mix and mingle and other social events.